Government Medical College Sindhudurg

Government Medical College Sindhudurg is committed to providing quality medical education and healthcare services in an area that was previously underserved in terms of medical facilities.

One of the unique aspects of Government Medical College Sindhudurg is its focus on rural healthcare. The college is situated in a rural area, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and coastal regions. This setting offers a unique learning experience for students, as they are exposed to the healthcare challenges and specific needs of rural communities. The college emphasizes community-oriented healthcare and encourages students to actively engage with the local population, understand their health concerns, and develop strategies to address them effectively.

Another distinctive feature of Government Medical College Sindhudurg is its emphasis on traditional medicine and local medicinal practices. Sindhudurg district is known for its rich cultural heritage, including traditional healing methods and knowledge of herbal medicine. The college acknowledges and incorporates these traditional practices into its curriculum, fostering an integrated approach to healthcare. This unique blend of modern medicine and traditional healing methods not only enriches the learning experience but also contributes to the preservation and promotion of local healthcare traditions.

Government Medical College Sindhudurg also stands out for its commitment to holistic healthcare. With this understanding, the college promotes a patient-centered approach that addresses the comprehensive needs of individuals and communities. It encourages students to develop a compassionate and empathetic approach towards patient care, instilling values of holistic healing that go beyond the traditional biomedical model.

Additionally, the college prioritizes research and innovation. By fostering a research-oriented environment, Government Medical College Sindhudurg aims to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and practices, particularly in the context of rural healthcare.

The location of Government Medical College Sindhudurg in the scenic Sindhudurg district not only provides a serene and conducive environment for learning but also presents students with diverse healthcare scenarios and the opportunity to make a positive impact in an underserved region. The college's focus on rural healthcare, integration of traditional medicine, commitment to holistic healthcare, and emphasis on research and innovation make it a unique institution that strives to address the distinctive healthcare needs of the local population.

Government Medical College Sindhudurg Location Details

Government Medical College Sindhudurg is located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India. Sindhudurg is well-connected to major cities in Maharashtra and neighboring states. The college is situated in Sawantwadi, which is easily accessible by road, rail, and air transportation. Sawantwadi Road Railway Station is the nearest railway station, facilitating convenient travel for students, faculty, and staff.

Particulars Details
 State  Maharashtra
 City  Sindhudurg
 Affiliated By  Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik
 College Category  Medical Colleges in Maharashtra

Course, Fees and Duration Government Medical College Sindhudurg

Course Branch Total Seat Course Duration Tution Fee (Per Year)
MBBS General Medicine 100 5.5 Years -

Cut-Offs Government Medical College Sindhudurg

Seat Type Counselling Type Category Sub Category Domicile Condition Round 1
Rank Yr 2022
Round 2
Rank Yr 2022
AIQ MCC EWS EWS NO 16284 17048
AIQ MCC OBC OBC NO 15668 16684
AIQ MCC SC SC NO 78596 90913
AIQ MCC ST ST NO 121052 118352
AIQ MCC Open Open NO - 16555
Admission Process

Government Medical College Sindhudurg

  • The college offers graduate & post graduate

Contact Details

Address Dean Government Medical College Sindhudurg

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Email deangmcsindhudurg[at]


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