Population : 29.2 Lakh (approx.)
Language : Armenia, Russian, English
Currency : Armenian Dram
Capital : Yerevan
Exchange Rate: 1 INR = 7.03 Dram

About Armenia

Armenia is a country which lies in the mountainous region of Caucasus between Asia and Europe. Armenia was declared as first Christian country in the world with the most peaceful and compose environment that deviates it from other European and Asian countries. Growing academically in a country like Armenia would be the direct entry in any of the European, Asian, and all western countries.

Armenians are advanced, multicultural and open-minded nationals. Residents of Armenia are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors and students pursuing varied courses or MBBS from the Top Medical Universities in Armenia.

Armenia is a unique country that has to offer so many different things to all kinds of people. This small mountainous country gained its independence in 1991, after seven decades of Soviet rule. One of the world’s oldest civilizations. There are few nations who have such ancient and a complex history along with rich and resilient culture. Situated along the route of the Great Silk Road, it has fallen within the number of cultural influences and empires and nowadays has integration of Western and Eastern cultures.

Due to its tremendous climate here you can enjoy every season with breathtaking nature and season attractions. About 1/10 of this small country occupies Lake Sevan, which azure waters are about to touch the sky is the world’s second-high lake with freshwater after the Titicaca. Thanks to its beauty the lake earned the name ‘the pearl of Armenian nature’. While at the lake, you can have a cruise on a yacht or catamaran or simply relax and take in the amazing scenery.

Facts about Armenia

Population 4 crore (approx.)
Capital Kiev
Language Ukrainian, Russian
Religion Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism
Currency Ukrainian Hryvnia
Key Cities Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Donetsk
Exchange Rate 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia = 2.65 INR
GDP per capita 2,639.82 USD ‎(2017)
Climate Warm Dry summers & Fairly Severe Winters

Travel Time from Major Indian Cities

  1. Delhi to Yerevan distance – 3225 km

Time taken by direct flight would take – 13 hours (approx.)

  1. Mumbai to Yerevan distance – 3579 km

Time taken by direct flight would take – 13.30 hours (approx.)

  1. Chennai toYerevan distance – 4203 km

Time taken by direct flight would take – 13.45 hours (approx.)

Living Costs in Armenia

Armenia has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. Goods and services in Armenia are a quarter of those in Western European countries which makes students feel comfortable after their arrival and well as it makes affordable many leisure activities popular among students.

In average 29,090–33,630 is enough for a student to cover expenses of private accommodation, utility bills, and food books and still have some pocket money for nightlife, and various events.

Below you can see the table indicating the average budget of a student in Armenia.

Rent (Private Accommodation near the University) 9,090–16,360 90,890–163,590
Food 13,550 152,690
Electricity & Gas 2,280 27,270
Water 460 5,460
TV Cable 730 8,730
Public Transportation 910 10,910
Total 26,180–33,450 90,890–163,590




Despite its small physical area Armenia has immense climatic variety .Much of this is due to Armenia’s unique weather systems, which mix moisture from heavy snowfalls in the mountains and the Black and Caspian Seas with hot blasts of air from the Syrian and Iranian plateaus. Armenia’s different varieties of climates depend on the absolute height of the land. But no matter of altitude Armenia is often described as a sunny country.

You can experience all 4 season will all their beauty. Hot summers, Fall noted for mild and sunny weather, bright colors of landscapes, abundance of autumn fruits, Winter with skiing in breathtaking mountains and Spring with intense blooms.


Transportation in Armenia

Armenia has 2 main airport Yerevan Zvartnots International airport and “Shirak” Airport in second biggest city of Armenia Gyumri.

In Yerevan there is a one line metro with 10 stations. One way costs ₹20. It’s the best way of transportation in the city its fast and cheap. Working hours: 7.00am-11pm.

Mini-buses and buses go to all parts of the city from different mini-bus-stations, the cost ₹20 per one way, working hours: 7.00am-12pm.

Taxis are cheap and available 24 hours. There are many officially registered taxis who can take to every part of the city or country. 1km costs ₹20 in Yerevan, and ₹30 outside Yerevan. The minimum price due to be paid is ₹90which includes up to 4km.

Buses and mini-buses to other cities, countryside and villages go from the bus-stations. Here’s the list of the bus-stations:

  1. Central (Kilikia) bus-station
  2. Northern bus-station
  3. Bus-station Raykom

From Yerevan railway station its very convenient to travel to cultural capital of Armenia Gyumri which takes 2 hours to get there.

Another popular destination from Yerevan is the neighbor country capital Tbilisi. The road takes around 6 hours and one can travel there by minibuses which run from Central Station also by train from Railway station.

Safety & Security in Armenia

Armenians are recognized as some of the most hospitable in the world and the country is believed to be one of the safest in world in every sense of the term. A small mono-ethnic country, where as locals love to say “Guest is from the God”, where assault is something unheard, pick pockets do not exist. It is almost a crime free zone and here the police give foreigners special treatment as guests in their country. According to a survey among the independents visitors Safety in walking alone in capital city Yerevan during the night is 75. %, during the daylight 82.5% The Armenian mythology is the only one in the world having a God of Hospitality named VANATOOR. No wonder here the people may invite you into their houses especially in villages to share food with you even if they don’t know you.

MBBS in Armenia

For a country with around 3 million population it has 65 private and public higher education institutions, which is a comparatively high number indicating the national policy of investment in human capital. Higher education is provided by many types of institutions: institutes, universities, academies and a conservatory.

In Armenia higher education is outstanding this is why it attracts a large amount of foreign students from all over the world. It is the high quality of education offered by Armenian Universities. The high quality of education offered in Armenia combined with the very affordable cost of living is making Armenian Universities more popular year by year.

Education in Armenia is represented by both state and private higher education institutions. These education institutions operate under the responsibility of several ministries, but the majority are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Armenia has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially medical stream. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is remarkable. The medical degrees awarded by the Armenian universities are globally recognized. Students who have completed their MBBS in Armenia are successfully practising their medical career in various destinations around the world.

Though Armenian is termed as the official language of Armenia, yet the MBBS classes for international students are conducted in English as a medium of instruction.

Armenia Offers

  • Top Government & State medical colleges
  • Easy and affordable fee structure
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Comprehensive Syllabus
  • Affordable Living
  • Peaceful and enjoyable campus life

The above factors make Armenia as a most favoured nation for Indian students, when it comes to medical courses.
In past recent years, Ukraine has gained huge appreciation from all over the world and has become medical hub for Indian as well as other students from all over the world.

Advantages of Study MBBS in Armenia

Armenia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.

LOW & AFFORDABLE FEE – Studying MBBS in Armenia costs is almost half the cost compared to Private Medical Colleges in India. No Donation & no Hidden costs.

LOW COST OF LIVING – Cost of Living is very much affordable in Armenia. Students are open to accommodate outside the campus with luxurious facilities involved. The quality of accommodation is very good and comparable to other developed countries. Other facilities like- transportation, food, grocery is also affordable.

SAFE & SECURE – Armenia is a very safe and feminine prominent country. There is absolutely no crime and students from India can go in buses, trains etc without problems. Most of the people of Armenia are Christian and are God loving. Armenian folks are very pleasant and accept religious and cultural diversities.

INDIAN FOOD – With so many INDIAN students preferring Armenia as their favourite destination there are many Indian restaurants & Mess with authentic INDIAN Food available for students.

NO ADMISSION TEST – Such as IELTS/TOEFL is required for Admission in the Universities/Colleges for MBBS in Armenia. The Admission Process is very simple.

ENGLISH IS MEDIUM OF STUDY – Medium of teaching in all the universities in Armenia is English throughout the term but students are encouraged to learn Armenian so that they could easily communicate with local patients.

SPORTS & EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Many extracurricular activities like sports and cultural activities are held in the medical colleges that keep the students fit and active.

FACULTY TO STUDENT RATIO WITH GLOBALLY ACLLAIMED FACULTY – The Faculty to Student Ratio is 1:20 which ensures that Students get individual attention. Also the faculty is world class with more focus on practical learning.

ELIGIBILITY FOR INTERNATIONAL LICENCING EXAMS – Students commencing their medical degrees in Armenia are eligible to apply for International Licensing Exams like MCI Screening Test, USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world. This makes them eligible to either practice globally or pursue higher Education from any country.

INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE – The students are encouraged to take part in various seminars and international conferences.

GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED UNIVERSITIES – Universities of Geoagia are Globally Recognised by International Bodies and Organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine), FAIMER, UNESCO and AME, General Medical Council UK, The International Medical Education Directory etc.

GATEWAY TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES – MBBS in Armenia provides a gateway to other European Countries. This is possible as it has bilateral student agreements with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to study in other European nations.

INNOVATION & PATENTS – Graduates from Armenian Medical Universities are becoming inventors in their fields (MRI machine, PET scan, modern plastic surgery) have built impressive reputation putting Armenia on the map of medical innovations and currently it is considered as a hub for medical research and development.

Graduate Entry in Armenia

Graduate entry is a great choice for those who already have a B.SC qualification from a science-related field and who wish to accelerate the path towards becoming a doctor or dentist.

Graduate Entry shortens the process of obtaining an accredited qualification that is recognized worldwide. These program allow candidates to begin an English-language medical or dental course in the second or even the third year of study. By skipping the first few semesters of study, candidates can save on a considerable amount of time and money.

Candidates should take note that Graduate Entry is not the same as Postgraduate medicine which refers to the studies undertaken by qualified doctors and medical professionals.


Eligibility for Graduate Entry

Graduate Entry for medical and dental programmes is only available to those who have a Bachelor of Science degree in areas of study that are related to medicine or science (such as biomedical studies, pharmacy or nursing). It is an ideal pathway for students who want to further their education in a medical or dental school and for medical professionals wishing to enhance their career prospects.

Fee Structure MBBS in Armenia

Fees structure of various medical colleges in Armenia vary but in approximation it ranges from 18 lakh to 25 lakh.

Tuition fees in Armenia (Medical Schools, Dentistry Schools) are very affordable, which makes Armenia an extremely wonderful destination for the international students to receive high quality education.

Tuition fees are paid to University bank account after receiving the relevant Acceptance Letter from University and Ministry of Education and Science. Fees are paid either fully at the beginning of study or in 2 installments during each academic year.

MBBS Fees in Yereven State Medical University, Armenia 2019-20

Fees Structure

Total Fees

1st Year in USD


2nd to 6th Per Year

Total Fees in USD
Every Year 5000 USD 5000 USD 30000 USD


MBBS Fees in University of Traditional Medicine, Armenia 2019-20

University Name Tuition Fees / Year Hostel Fees / Year
University of Traditional Medicine 4500 USD 3000 USD


Tuition Fees in St. Theresa Medical University Armenia, 2019-20

Medical  University Eligibility Last Date to Apply Duration Cost / Year 2nd – 5th Fees /year Total Amount
ST.Theresa Medical University 50% in PCB,Neet Required 15- Oct 6 Year 1200 USD 1200 USD 7200 USD


MBBS Fees of Yereven Haybusak University Armenia 2019-20

Medical University Armenia Tuition Fees 1st Year Fee (2nd to 6th Year)
Yereven Haybusak University 5500 USD 3800 USD

Tuition Fees In Makhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University, Armenia 2019-20

Total Fees Rs. 2,03,000/Year x 6 Years = Rs. 12,18,000
Hostel Fees Per Month 250 USD
Last Date to Apply 15-Oct

Scholarship for MBBS in Armenia

The truth is that there is no scholarship to study MBBS in Ukraine.

But there are many agents who are still conducting their own exams saying that they will give Scholarships to the students. There is no Scholarship for students by the Government or any agency. Any promises of Scholarships are false. Please do not fall for such traps and these are just marketing gimmicks by different agents

Structure of Course for MBBS in Armenia

Duration of Course 6 years
Semester Start October
Language of Instruction English
University Type Private / Public
Degree Awarded MD Physician (Under Graduate)
MCI Approved Yes
Study Fee Range INR 18 L to 25 L
Number of Indian Students 1,400 (appx)

Curriculum / Syllabus of MBBS in Armenia

Medical Studies in Armenia last 6 years and the curriculum is constructed with the following flow: first 3 years cover the preclinical studies 3 years clinical studies with internships and clinical practice. At the end of the program graduates obtain the title of “Physician”.

Courses of Medical school program in Armenia are taught in English or Russian depending on student preference. To give a better overview of medical studies in Armenia here is presented the medical course program of University of Traditional Medicine.

Medical studies last 6 years exclusively taught in English. Starting undergraduate degree level courses that lead to a Masters Degree in Medicine upon graduation. The program is designed in a way where during the first 3 years students cover the preclinical studies, which involve fundamental studies of biology human anatomy, medical physics, bioorganic chemistry, histology, cytology, physiology, medical psychology etc. The other 3 years are more focused on correlating these fundamental theoretical studies into their application in practice and knowledge and skills enhancement with internships and clinical practice.

Students work with affiliated hospitals, medical centers or clinics as part of their internships. More specifically students will have professional training on assistant of therapeutic and surgical care, nursing, therapy surgery obstetrics and gynecology, emergency and first aid amounting at least 700 hours during the 6 years throughout. Program has State final examinations upon which successful accomplishment graduated are awarded with diploma with the qualification “Physician” Subsequently, graduates can continue with postgraduate medical study in Armenian or outside.

1. Herbs Morphology and Physiology 2
2. Medical Physics 4
3. General Chemistry 4
4. Biology 8
5. Foreign Language 4
6. History of Armenia 4
7. Latin 4
8. Mathematics and Medical Informatics 4,5
9. Human Anatomy 12
10. Armenian language 4
11. Physical Training
12. History of Medicine 2.5
13. Bioorganic Chemistry 4
14. Histology Embryology Cytology 8
1. Histology Embryology Cytology 8
2. General Psychology 2.5
3. Philosophy 2.5
4. Biochemistry 8
5. General Hygiene 6
6. Normal physiology 9
7. Medical Psychology 2.5
8. Pharmacognosy 4
9. Microbiology, Virology and Immunology 9
10. Pathological Anatomy 9
11. Topographical anatomy and operative surgery 6.5
12. Armenian language 4
13. Human Anatomy 12
14. Physical Training
1. Microbiology, Virology and Immunology 9
2. Pathological Anatomy 9
3. Topographical anatomy and operative surgery 6.5
4. Radio diagnostics 2.5
5. General Surgery Anesthesiology 4.5
6. Pathological Physiology, clinical pathological physiology 9
7. Pharmacology 8
8. Propaedeutic of Internal Disease 10
9. Acupuncture 17
10. Homeopathy 4
11. Neurology Medical Genetics 6.5
12. Traumatology and Orthopedics 6
1. Homeopathy 4
2. Neurology Medical Genetics 6.5
3. Traumatology and Orthopedics 6
4. Dermatology 4
5. Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT 25
6. Obstetrics and Gynecology 17
7. Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology 18
8. Epidemiology 4
9. Iridodiagnostics 4
10. Infectious Diseases 6.5
11. Phototherapy 10
12. Acupuncture 17
1. Infectious Diseases 6.5
2. Phytotherapy 10
3. Ear throat nose diseases 4
4. Medicine of Emergency situations 2.5
5. Ophthalmologic diseases 4
6. Oncology X ray therapy 3
7. Physio-pulmonology 4.5
8. Pediatrics 9
9. Social Health and Organization of Health 4
10. Acupuncture 17
11. Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT 25
12. Obstetrics and Gynecology 17
13. Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology 18
1. Pediatrics 9
2. Social Health and Organization of Health 4
3. Public Health 2
4. Forensic Medicine 4
5. Physiotherapy and balneology 2
6. Clinical Pharmacology 4
7. Manual therapy 3
8. Polyclinic (outpatient) therapy 3
9. Psychiatry 3
10. Reanimation and intensive therapy 4
11. Acupuncture 17
12. Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT 25
13. Obstetrics and Gynecology 17
14 Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology 18

Our MBBS Students in Armenia

Getting enrolled in Armenia  for medical course is comparatively easy as compared to India. The applicants are not required to take any exam like TOEFL or IELTS.

VISA Process for MBBS in Armenia

Once you get your acceptance letter from the University, the particular institution will apply to the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for entry permission for you. After getting the entry permission from the MFA, students must apply for a visa in the Armenian embassy nearest to them. The Embassy issues a single entry visa for which the student has to pay the charges in the embassy itself. Once a student is in Armenia, he/she gets a resident card. Following documents are required to submit to Armenian Embassy/consular department.

  1. Visa application form: It must be completely filled and signed
  2. A valid travel document:Passport
  3. 3 passport sized photos
  4. Invitation (if required)
  5. Cover letter: It should include the purpose and duration of stay in Armenia
  6. Admission letter from the Armenian educational institution
  7. Educational credentials: Certificates, degrees and mark sheets; secondary education graduation certificate or university certificates
  8. Evidence of financial means
  9. Evidence of a valid health insurance

**All the documents mentioned above must be translated in English Language and Apostilized.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Armenia

The following is the minimum eligibility criteria for admission of an Indian student in Armenia as on the date of writing this answer:

    1. In the universities where IELTS/TOEFL score is not required, the student will have to appear for a personal interview.
    2. The student must be 17 years plus as on 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
    3. The student must have completed class 12th from a regular board.
    4. Private students and students from open boarding like NIOS are not eligible for MCI Eligibility Certificate (as on the date of writing this answer) but can still get admission in Georgia though.
    5. The student must have an aggregate of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from General category.
    6. The student must have an aggregate of at least 40% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from SC/ST/OBC.
    7. Students must Qualify NEET exam.
    8. There is no entrance examination like IELTS, GMAT or TOEFL to get admission for MBBS in Armenia for most of the universities.


What are the requirements for seeking admission to study MBBS abroad program?

The facility of studying MBBS – General medicine is open for any aspirant interested in seeking admission to the course. In order to be able to seek admission in the MBBS-General Medicine courses, you need to have minimum 50 percent marks in subjects such as- Biology, Physics and Chemistry and English including Practical marks.

For how many years do I need to study? What is course duration?

Total duration of study is 5.8 years in Russia, Ukraine, China, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus & Romania. While the course duration is 5 years in Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and 5.5 years in Philippines.

What is the total fee for a MBBS Program?

In this respect, it needs to be made clear that the involved fees vary according to the type of university you are planning to get enrolled in, state-funded institutions charges different rates compare to private once. It is important to inform the concerned authority who will finance you about the university you are planning to seek admission in. Our executives will help you get clear information about fee structure and charges. We avoid any hidden charges. Receipts will be provided for all the payments. Ask for education loan.

What is the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in medical colleges abroad?

The applicant must be above 17 years of age and must have passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad to be eligible. She/he must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects and obtained a minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined with practicals.

Can I practice in India after completing my Medical Education Abroad?

Yes, you can practice in India. In order to be a medical practitioner you have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council. For this you have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice medicine like all other doctors.

Can I get a job in a Government Hospital or allied medical institutions in India?

Yes, after clearing the screening test and getting your registration with the State or Central Council you are eligible for any government appointment.

What is MCI Screening Test?

The Medical Council of India(MCI) stipulates that all students receiving  MBBS degree from Medical Colleges outside India and wanting to practice in India after completion of their program, need to appear for a a Screening Test.

Can I get a bank loan and to what extent?

In consultation with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Banker’s Association (IBA), the Government of India has framed a Comprehensive Educational Loan Scheme. The new scheme covers all type of courses including professional courses in schools and colleges in India and abroad.

The salient features of the scheme related to study abroad bank loan are:

The scheme envisages loans up to Rs. 15 lacs for studies abroad.

For loans up to Rs. 4 lacs no collateral or margin is required and the interest rate is not to exceed the Prime Lending Rates (PLR). For loans above Rs. 4 lacs the interest rate will not exceed PLR plus 1 percent.

The loans are to be repaid over a period of 5 to 7 years with provision of grace period of one year after completion of studies.

What is the medium of instruction in abroad?

In consultation with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Banker’s Association (IBA), the Government of India has framed a Comprehensive Educational Loan Scheme. The new scheme covers all type of courses including professional courses in schools and colleges in India and abroad.

The salient features of the scheme related to study abroad bank loan are:

The scheme envisages loans up to Rs. 15 lacs for studies abroad.

The medium of Instruction is ENGLISH. However local Language class is included. This is to make the students  comfortable by enabling them  to communicate with the locals and more easily with patients.

The loans are to be repaid over a period of 5 to 7 years with provision of grace period of one year after completion of studies.

Can my parents visit me? Can I travel during my holidays ?

Parents / friends / relatives of students can visit the University Campus. Tourist Invitations can be issued. There are two holidays in a year. Winter holidays during January for 15 days and summer holidays in July and August for two months. Students usually come back to India during summer. You can also choose to stay back in the summer for local sightseeing and travel in your student life, as you may not get such an opportunity again.

What are the documents required to get educational bank loan?

Documents Required By Banks for Availing Education Loan

The following documents are required by banks for availing education loan:

  • Admission letter of the Educational Institution where the student is going to be admitted. It should have detailed fees structure including both boarding and lodging expenses.
  • Enrolment letter from our company.
  • Proof of Age, Date of Birth and Permanent place of residence.
  • Passport size photographs of the student, co-obligants as well as guarantors.
  • Pan card of the student and parents.
  • Mark sheets or degree certificates of previous academic qualifications.
  • Income proof or latest ITR file of parents or guarantors.
  • Last six months bank statement of the student/parents/guarantors.
  • Details of collateral security and the valuation certificate (if any).

What is Medical Council of India (MCI)

The Medical Council of India (MCI) was established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933. The main function of MCI is to maintain uniform standard of higher qualifications in medicine and provide recognition of medical qualifications in India as well as in abroad. It registers doctors to practice in India, in order to protect and promote the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine. Every student who has done MBBS from overseas medical universities need to qualify the screening test of MCI before getting the license to practice in India.

The objective of the Medical Council of India (MCIINDIA) is as follows:

  1. Maintaining the uniform standards of medical education in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  2. Recommending for recognition or de-recognition of medical qualifications of medical colleges or universities of India or foreign countries.
  3. Providing permanent or provisional registration of doctors who have recognized medical qualifications.
  4. Reciprocating with foreign countries for mutual recognition of medical qualifications.

For more details please visit – http://www.mciindia.org

How do I get the personalized counseling from GMU?

GMU offers individual counseling sessions for every student to make them eligible for picking the preferred university or courses according to their aptitude or requirements. please visit – http://www.mciindia.org

What are the documents required for MBBS admission in foreign countries?

You only need to submit following document to us:

  • Mark sheets/certificates (10th, 12th)
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical certificates, etc
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement of Guardian (6 months
  • Passport size photos
  • Travel and Health insurance

Is there any entrance exam required for MBBS admission in foreign countries?

YES. the Indian students are required to qualify the NEET entrance test since year 2018.

What are the provisions of IELTS preparation to clear the test?

We offer IELTS exam preparation classes to make them qualify IELTS test. We have a team of expert professionals providing appropriate training to aspiring candidates. The fee for IELTS exam preparation and training program is quite affordable.

How GMU help in accommodation in foreign countries?

The Indian students, who are looking for study abroad, need not worry since  GMU provides the best accommodation in foreign countries. We organize safe travel facilitation equipped with insurance to the Universities and suitable accommodation in foreign countries. You may select among hostels, apartments, PG rooms and more.

Are Indian foods available while staying abroad?

Yes. Indian food is available in hostels, hotels, restaurants, and mess located near universities. Indian students can even prepare Indian food during their stay in shared accommodation like PG or apartments.

Can I contact with students who already passed their degree in abroad?

Why not! GMU always provides the helping hand to students in their assessment of obtaining true information about everything. You may read the review posted on our web-page or directly contact the students of previous batches.

When are holidays held in overseas universities?

Most of the overseas universities offer two large vacations yearly, i.e. summer vacation and winter vacation along with their local gazette holidays.

How GMU help visa issuance?

We provide following supports for STUDENT VISA in order to get admission in the medical colleges abroad and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study Overseas.

  • Acquire invitation letter from the college
  • Fill visa application form
  • Accumulate documents
  • Get your visa photograph clicked
  • Arrange the visa fee
  • Submit visa application with visa fee
  • Take date from the embassy
  • Arrange your appointments with visa officials
  • Collect your student visa
  • Provide your student in your hand
  • Obtain the migration card upon arrival in abroad

Is drafting SOP and LOR compulsory for MBBS admission in foreign countries?

Yes, it is! The LOR is very much important similarly to your admission essays, resume or the statements of purpose (SOP), or other documents. The overseas universities demand the Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is an essay providing a brief description of the life of applicant and he/she is selecting that goal or what are the motivations behind the preferred career path.

How do I deal with my finances in foreign countries?

You are not required to be worried since we avail the prompt and competitive services for money exchange at reliable rates. We are associated with the reputed Forex merchants who ensure our students getting competitive money exchange rates and timely services.

Are you providing any pre-departure support?

We organize safe travel equipped with insurance to the overseas medical universities and arrange the suitable accommodation in foreign countries. We take care of all your travel necessities like Visa, Air Ticket, Pick-up drop from Airport, See you off to the doormat of your hostel. We ensure that you have completed the checklist of your pre-departure belongings.

Basic facts that should be considered before MBBS in Abroad

GMU assists the pathway planning to the Indian medical aspirants in getting Admission in the  low-cost top universities for MBBS Overseas. We provide following supports for admission in the medical colleges abroad and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study Overseas. Check the important facts that should be considered before MBBS in Abroad.

What are the prospects of the career in Abroad?

Getting MBBS admission in Abroad  will let you find out every possibility of acquiring placements in the medical industry after completing  MBBS in Abroad. The  MCI approved MBBS degree  can let you establish your high profile  medical career in India  or in Abroad.

When does the application process begin?

The application process usually begins in March. The earlier you apply the more you receive advantages.

April-May = Registration

May-June = Result

June-July = Admission

July-August =Invitation

August-September = Visa

September = Departure

What is the package of application?

Here, we referred the application package that consists following. These are necessarily required by colleges and Universities.

Application forms and fees

Recommendation Letter

Mark sheets (10, 12)

Essays (SOP and LOR)

Financial support form

What is the entry requirement for the course?

Here, we referred the application package that consists following. These are necessarily required by colleges and Universities.

Application forms and fees

We assure your admission to medical universities in foreign countries if you

Qualified 10+2 or equivalent in science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

Have over 50 percent marks in 10+2

Aged over 18 years

What is financial help?

It means the various ways by which the students may reduce their expenses that during their courses of study.

Define TA (Teaching Assistantship)?

During the courses of study in Abroad, the Indian student may work (part-time) as a teaching assistant to assist any professor in checking the exam papers or helps them in private tuition. The students may teach the undergraduate students too.

Define RA (Research Assistantship)?

During the courses of study in Abroad, the Indian student may work (part-time) as a Research assistantship or fellowship to assist the professors in the project or research assigned to them.

What is the procedure of Visa?

We provide following supports for STUDENT VISA in order to get admission in the medical colleges abroad and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study Overseas.

  • Acquire invitation letter from the college
  • Fill visa application form
  • Accumulate documents
  • Get your visa photograph clicked
  • Arrange the visa fee
  • Submit visa application with visa fee
  • Take date from the embassy
  • Arrange your appointments with visa officials
  • Collect your student visa
  • Provide your student in your hand
  • Obtain the migration card upon arrival in abroad

Is Visa process tough?

Yes, it is! But, you shouldn’t be anxious since we have accomplished the best Visa experts and ex-visa officials to obtain exemplary Visa services to Indian students applying for MBBS in foreign countries.

From where do we get the application form for Visa?

You may obtain the application form for Visa from Consulate or the embassy of the concerned country or from their website. Indian students and their guardians can rely on GMU for free visa counseling, documentation check, financial check, application submission and recommendations of Overseas MBBS Universities.

What questions will they ask me in the Visa Interview?

The Indian students looking for overseas education need to be relaxed. GMU will let you experience the most pleasant way to counter those questions and prepare you to face the “Student Visa Interview”. One more thing, the officials at the consulate are students friendly and they will not put you in a troubled situation.

We Help you to find the right college with free counselling


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